It's that time of the year again folks. The part of the year every University student loves ... Exam Season! No really, some students are actually loving this season, but like the rest of the world, I do not like this season at all. Mind you I don't do bad on any of my exams, in fact I do fairly well in all of them. It's just the feeling it brings to us students that make me hate the Exam Season.

What feeling? The feeling of knowing that you are almost done the year and freedom is just right around the corner but you cannot get to it until you do all your exams. You want to take a shortcut but you know taking a shortcut will lead to a bottomless pit of failure so you decide to charge on. But every exam takes a lot away from you physically and mentally. Exhausted from the exam you just finished writing, you realize that you have another one tomorrow or worse in 2 hours! If you went to University or any form of higher education, you'll know what I mean.

However, the feeling (the feeling I will definitely have after I finish my last 2 exams in the coming week) quickly turns super sweet after the very last exam in your schedule. That freedom you've been longing for weeks is finally here and you are now free to do whatever you like! What exactly will I do after my exams? I'll tell you what I'll do:
  • Work for the summer (gotta earn some $$$ you know :D)
  • Start working out again. Believe it or not my University has a top of the line gym open to all students. But the workload keeps myself and a lot of my peers away from this awesome place. The summer is a perfect time to catch up on my miles, crunches, push-ups, curls, and more!
  • Go out more with friends and/or by myself
  • Go out more with my camera and capture more photos that I can showcase in this website for you guys to see and enjoy! =D.
  • Plan out a fairly elaborate photo shoot with a Michael Jackson theme and release it just in time for the anniversary of the King of Pop's death. Let's honor the entertainer everyone (well almost) in the world knows!
So that's my two cents for today. Why don't you let me know what you are going to do this summer? Post them on the comments below! ***
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