Today, May 24th, 2010, is Victoria Day here in Canada and the city of Toronto hosted a fireworks display in Ashbridge's Bay @ the Beaches as advertised in earlier posts. Well, the journey there was not easy at all.

My day started out eating sushi with friends for lunch on this very hot sunny day. Going out to a local mall to pass the time before proceeding to the fireworks location. I knew where the place is but what I didn't know was how far it was from the Downtown Core of Toronto.

The Park for the fireworks was located at Lakeshore Blvd and Coxwell St. which is on the eastern side of Toronto. We decided to walk the distance instead of taking the transit. Which is fun and tiring considering the scorching heat at the time. We them get to a junction with Lakeshore on the left and Cherry St. on the right. For some odd reason, my friends and I continued walking south on Cherry St. We kept walking for a few more kilometres before we realized that we went the wrong way! Then we had to walk all the way back but we we're lucky to get a bus ride back instead of walking the whole way. But because of that silly mistake, some of my friends got very exhausted and had to go straight home and miss the fireworks. By the time we got back to the junction our group of 9 dropped to 4!

The rest of us continue walking, the right way this time, along Lakeshore. We got to walk on abandoned rail tracks and bridges which was fun! But we had to walk about 4 more kilometres east. By then we decided to go on break. We passed the time in a place with square stones arranged in a circle, like in a camp. We then decided to fool around with the pillars of the unfinished bridge along Lakeshore. My friend, Denesh, decides to climb one pillar but as soon as he gets the boost from my other friend, Dan, we hear a loud siren and they dropped back down and acted like nothing happened. Their faces was priceless and wish had taken a picture of it. We continue on to the park after some refreshments at a local restaurant where we waited for the fireworks to begin.

The fireworks only lasted 13 minutes, but that was the best 13 minutes I've had all day! The fireworks display was just very well organized and the explosions on the sky are like sweet candies against the perfectly dark clear skies. So in a way, the "quest" throughout the day was worth it! Sure we probably killed our legs and ankles walking to the park but in the end, it was worth it, worth every step of the way. However, contrary to the epic fireworks, my attempt to photographically document the event was sort of a failure. Our of about 70 pictures I took, NONE of them are any good! Not even good enough to be put up in this website or any where online at all! It's a shame but I know that fireworks have always been my greatest problem in photography. No worries though, since in about a month, there's Canada Day (July 1st)! I'll try my luck again and this time, we're taking the car!

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