Beautiful Toronto Project content is updated again! More photos to enjoy! This time I show some of the cars and not so cars from MotorExpo 2011 that was held in Toronto Canada. MotorExpo is the world's largest FREE auto show organization. They hold shows in London, Dubai, and other countries. Of course, for free! Cars ranging from Chevrolets to Ferraris are in the show. Albeit smaller than the International Auto Show, for a free Auto Show and having access to almost all the cars, I'm not complaining! Click the Jaguar above to see the rest of collection! Hope you enjoy the photos! And stay tuned for more! I literally have 3 batches of photos in queue to be released in the next couple of weeks. So sit tight! =D

Angelo Maralit
Gello Photography
Some of the cars in the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show
After weeks of delay and after weeks of massive work loads in university (I still have lots ahead), the pictures from the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show are finally uploaded and ready to be seen in this wonderful website! You see the pictures above? That's just a small taste of what I got in store for you. Click the any of the pictures to see the entire collection.

Psst, I'm trying something new this time around. Instead of just showing you a gallery, I posted the pictures as a slideshow so it's more pleasing to watch and more importantly less clicking on your part. So just sit back and enjoy the photos!
Hi everyone!

I just finished preparing photos I took from the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show that happened here in Toronto, Canada. I originally had over 200 pictures but the final pictures only counted for about 70 pictures. It took me quite a long time to finish this task mainly because of university work that I had to work on at the same time. Well, the point is, that they are done and ready! The pictures are not in the website yet, I will upload them in the website sometime next week (Gotta do some uni work first :)) However, I also created a simple compilation of the pictures for YouTube and they are live! Check them out below! Hope you like them! =D
*** Note, a few pics were accidentally left out of this video slideshow. They will be uploaded in this website. ***