After months of searching in the internet I finally found a Canon EF 35mm f/2 lens used and for a really good price! Yeah, I'm not rich so I can't really buy lens from stores, they're just too expensive! The lens came with an official lens hood from Canon and a Tiffen UV filter. The entire package for $300. A pretty sweet deal when you consider the price of the items I got individually in retail stores. I haven't used the lens fully yet but I know I'm going to have a lot of fun shooting with this photo. When mounted to a crop sensor like the Canon Rebel XS, the focal length is effectively about 56mm which is pretty close ( a bit narrower) to what our eyes can see. This means that walking around downtown Toronto for some candid street photography will be much easier than before. I used to use the nifty-fifty (50mm lens) when doing street photography and I just found that lens to be a bit too narrow to frame the shots properly especially in crowded places downtown. So here's hoping for an awesome-tastic summer photography awesomeness with this new lens and all my other lenses! Woot!

If you want to see what the lens looks like, check out the "My Equipment" section under the "About Me" tab. 
Hi All,

Today, I added a new "equipment" to my photography arsenal. You might wonder why the word equipment is inside quotations. That's because this equipment is a very useful device enabling yours truly to create product photography worthy enough to be advertised! And the best thing is it only cost me $0! That's right, it's free! Well, I had to build it myself but the parts are pretty much found in everyone's household.

So what is this equipment? I call it my very own "Studio in a Box" This nifty little thing is based on the Strobist blog's article called DIY: $10 Macro Studio. It works wonders and the photos are just amazing! To see the photos I created with this Studio in a Box, just click here. And to see what this "Studio in a Box" actually looks like, you can see a glimpse of it in "My Equipment" page. Enjoy the new content!
Hi All,

I just added a new page to this site called "My Equipment" under the "About Me" tab. This page displays the equipment that I use to capture the photos featured in this website. Check it out! I still need new ideas to add to this website, if you have any ideas to tell me please contact me! I would really appreciate any ideas. Thanks =D

Angelo Maralit