Hello All,

I just want to let everyone know that I uploaded a new set of photos in the website. Actually, I uploaded the photos about a week ago. I just didn't have time to make an announcement about it. Anyway, as promised, the new set of photos feature various buildings of the University of Toronto. It's pretty fun walking around campus after class or on days I don't have class and just click away with my camera =D. You can find the pictures here:

Buildings of UofT - A new set of photos featuring the buildings of the University of Toronto
Urban - A new photo is added here as well.

Hope you like them! Don't forget to hit me up with emails regarding questions, comments, and suggestions regarding my work. Until next time! Have fun taking pictures!

Angelo L. Maralit
Hi Everyone!

I can't believe it's been over 4 months since the last time I actually put something new in this site. It really can't be helped since I was busy doing a bunch of university work all semester long. Now, I've had a good break, I managed to edit my pictures and now they are posted and ready to be shown for you guys :). This time around I focused on the architecture of some of the buildings of my university (makes sense since I'm there pretty much 24/7 doing homeworks lol). I have one photoshoot dedicated for those pictures posted. These pictures can be found in:


Also, I added another new picture in the Urban section. you can see it here:


There you have it! After a long time in silence, I finally managed to post the pictures I've been meaning to show you guys for months now. Hope you guys enjoy my newest set of pictures =) and hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year celebration. Until next time! Always carry your camera and your imagination! 

Angelo Maralit