Victoria College Building
Hello Everyone!

It's been over a month since the last time I posted something new to this site. You can blame my new summer job at Toronto's CN Tower hehe. Well, even though I've been very busy at work, I still managed to walk around the city with trusty camera and snap some interesting photos for you! Actually, this latest addition in the website was taken a month ago before I started working and just didn't get the chance to upload them. So here they are! The photos this time around are photos from the University of Toronto again but I concentrated on the eastern side of the Campus where most of the Victorian style buildings are located. Alright that's that! You can click the photo above to see the newest photos in my collection. And you may also play the video below to see the photo slideshow of the newest photos made for YouTube. =D Even though I'm busy pictures are still continually being taken and edited by yours truly. In fact, there is already another batch of photos just waiting to be edited and shared to you guys. And don't forget that I will also be putting a new Set in the website called "Toronto from the Skies" which will have different photos of the city from the top of the Tallest Tower in the World, the CN Tower! =D Stay tuned! And Enjoy my newest photos!

Angelo Maralit
Hello All,

It's been a while since the last time I talked! It's because I've been pretty busy with school and social life with my closest friends lately. But I'm back again now! And here I am telling you that the site has added 8 brand new photos to the collection. They can be found in the "Studio in a Box" Gallery or you can simply click "What's New" and see them straight there. Check them out! The photos try to portray the clash of two generations of Game Boys, new and old. Hope you enjoy them =D

Angelo L. Maralit
Hi All,

Just letting you know that Gello Photography now has a new Gallery added! If you've read the previous announcement, you will know that I created a "Studio in a Box." From that, the name of the new gallery is, you guessed it, "Studio in a Box." This gallery will feature all the great photos created using this nifty little equipment. Some structural updates are currently being done to this not so advanced studio to make the light quality even better :- )

To see the photos in this gallery, simply click here.

Thank you all very much! And I'm still accepting suggestions to better improve the site AND my photography so don't forget to hit me up with an email!