Hello Everyone!

I just want to let you all know that I uploaded my most recent photo shoot in the website. It is called "17% and UP." This one's is a lot smaller that my last one, in terms of number of photos, but it still took time so I reckon it would be worth sharing =D. To see the latest photo shoot you can either go to Photoshoots or simply click What's New and go from there. Hope you guys enjoy the photos! =D Once again, don't forget to send me your comments, suggestions and questions! More photos are on their way so keep visiting my site. Thanks!

Angelo Maralit
Hello All,

It's been a while since the last time I talked! It's because I've been pretty busy with school and social life with my closest friends lately. But I'm back again now! And here I am telling you that the site has added 8 brand new photos to the collection. They can be found in the "Studio in a Box" Gallery or you can simply click "What's New" and see them straight there. Check them out! The photos try to portray the clash of two generations of Game Boys, new and old. Hope you enjoy them =D

Angelo L. Maralit
Hi All,

Just letting you know that Gello Photography now has a new Gallery added! If you've read the previous announcement, you will know that I created a "Studio in a Box." From that, the name of the new gallery is, you guessed it, "Studio in a Box." This gallery will feature all the great photos created using this nifty little equipment. Some structural updates are currently being done to this not so advanced studio to make the light quality even better :- )

To see the photos in this gallery, simply click here.

Thank you all very much! And I'm still accepting suggestions to better improve the site AND my photography so don't forget to hit me up with an email!
Hi All,

Today, I added a new "equipment" to my photography arsenal. You might wonder why the word equipment is inside quotations. That's because this equipment is a very useful device enabling yours truly to create product photography worthy enough to be advertised! And the best thing is it only cost me $0! That's right, it's free! Well, I had to build it myself but the parts are pretty much found in everyone's household.

So what is this equipment? I call it my very own "Studio in a Box" This nifty little thing is based on the Strobist blog's article called DIY: $10 Macro Studio. It works wonders and the photos are just amazing! To see the photos I created with this Studio in a Box, just click here. And to see what this "Studio in a Box" actually looks like, you can see a glimpse of it in "My Equipment" page. Enjoy the new content!