Fried rice with sun-dried tomatoes
After being away for a very long time, I'm back! Now, we have a new photo set in Gello Photography. I realized that I've been cooking quite a lot lately and I decided to take pictures of the food that I cook while it is cooking and/or when it is cooked. I named the photo set "Who Said Men Can't Cook?" because I felt that normal everyday men like me are not really known for being good in the kitchen (except the male chefs of course). Also because amongst my group of friends, I'm currently the only one who can and willing to cook. This photo set is meant to encourage more men to cook not just for themselves but also for the ones they care about. Who knows, being good in the kitchen could be a good source of extra points for your girlfriend ;-) With that said, click on the photo above to see the rest of the collection. There's only a few photos up at the moment but expect this collection to grow in the coming months as I continue to cook more delicious dish! Enjoy and stay hungry!
It's that time of the year again. Let's not forget that on Monday May 24 will be Victoria Day. Each year, Toronto and Canada for that matter, celebrates Victoria day with many kinds of events. Perhaps the most spectacular is the fireworks display held on the Night of Victoria Day.

On May 24th at around 9:30PM, come down to the Beaches in Southeast Toronto to witness the amazing fireworks. The display is going to take place at the Ashbridges Bay (map below).  Yours truly, will personally be there to capture some photos of fireworks and of course enjoy it at the same time : )

Remember to go there early to get a good spot and of course enjoy the events happening around the area.