Yes folks! Summer is finally in full swing and that means one thing. It's hot! Not just that but that also means that everyone is gonna be out and about to celebrate the four short months of hot weather before good 'ol winter come knockin' again. So to take advantage of this great time, Gello Photography will be delivering a mega-collection of photos that feature the beautiful city of Toronto and the great festivities it hosts during the Summer season. The Beautiful Toronto Project will extend from the Downtown Core, CN tower, the city's skyline, cruise lines, and many more memorable spots in Toronto. So stay tuned for the first batch of Photos for the Beautiful Toronto Project. Just for a little taste, here's one photo from the first part of the mega-collection.
CN Tower
Victoria College Building
Hello Everyone!

It's been over a month since the last time I posted something new to this site. You can blame my new summer job at Toronto's CN Tower hehe. Well, even though I've been very busy at work, I still managed to walk around the city with trusty camera and snap some interesting photos for you! Actually, this latest addition in the website was taken a month ago before I started working and just didn't get the chance to upload them. So here they are! The photos this time around are photos from the University of Toronto again but I concentrated on the eastern side of the Campus where most of the Victorian style buildings are located. Alright that's that! You can click the photo above to see the newest photos in my collection. And you may also play the video below to see the photo slideshow of the newest photos made for YouTube. =D Even though I'm busy pictures are still continually being taken and edited by yours truly. In fact, there is already another batch of photos just waiting to be edited and shared to you guys. And don't forget that I will also be putting a new Set in the website called "Toronto from the Skies" which will have different photos of the city from the top of the Tallest Tower in the World, the CN Tower! =D Stay tuned! And Enjoy my newest photos!

Angelo Maralit
Some of the cars in the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show
After weeks of delay and after weeks of massive work loads in university (I still have lots ahead), the pictures from the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show are finally uploaded and ready to be seen in this wonderful website! You see the pictures above? That's just a small taste of what I got in store for you. Click the any of the pictures to see the entire collection.

Psst, I'm trying something new this time around. Instead of just showing you a gallery, I posted the pictures as a slideshow so it's more pleasing to watch and more importantly less clicking on your part. So just sit back and enjoy the photos!
Hi everyone!

I just finished preparing photos I took from the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show that happened here in Toronto, Canada. I originally had over 200 pictures but the final pictures only counted for about 70 pictures. It took me quite a long time to finish this task mainly because of university work that I had to work on at the same time. Well, the point is, that they are done and ready! The pictures are not in the website yet, I will upload them in the website sometime next week (Gotta do some uni work first :)) However, I also created a simple compilation of the pictures for YouTube and they are live! Check them out below! Hope you like them! =D
*** Note, a few pics were accidentally left out of this video slideshow. They will be uploaded in this website. ***
Hi Everyone!

I can't believe it's been over 4 months since the last time I actually put something new in this site. It really can't be helped since I was busy doing a bunch of university work all semester long. Now, I've had a good break, I managed to edit my pictures and now they are posted and ready to be shown for you guys :). This time around I focused on the architecture of some of the buildings of my university (makes sense since I'm there pretty much 24/7 doing homeworks lol). I have one photoshoot dedicated for those pictures posted. These pictures can be found in:


Also, I added another new picture in the Urban section. you can see it here:


There you have it! After a long time in silence, I finally managed to post the pictures I've been meaning to show you guys for months now. Hope you guys enjoy my newest set of pictures =) and hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year celebration. Until next time! Always carry your camera and your imagination! 

Angelo Maralit
Hello All,

I feel really bad that I wasn't able to update this website at all since September. As much as I would like to, I couldn't find the time to do so because I have a lot of University of work to do. I have new pictures that I have saved somewhere in my computer which is basically pictures that highlight the architecture of University of Toronto. But I still haven't found the time to sit down and actually edit them. Furthermore, the collection is not really done yet because I still want to take more pictures of the campus especially during the night because some of the more classical buildings in the campus actually look dramatic during nightfall. So I am hoping that i will get those photos taken by November; edit and share them to you guys by December of this year. For sure, I'll have something really neat to share with you guys before the year is over, so stay tuned for that =). For now, please take a look at my current collection of galleries and hope you like what I have to offer in this website so far.

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Hello Everybody!

Just letting you guys know that I added more photos in the website! YAY! They are spread throughout various galleries. Basically the new photos can be found in the following galleries (newest photos are on top):
So simply click through those pages and see the latest photos! As always, I'm open to comments, suggestions and questions regarding my work. I can only improve and improve I shall. Don't forget that you can access the latest from Gello Photography by simply clicking "What's New." Until next time! Enjoy photography everyone!

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Hi All,

Just letting everyone know that the Victoria Day fireworks display photos are uploaded in the website. You can view the colourful photos here. Look at the photos and let me know what you think by contacting me. Enjoy the photos!

Angelo Maralit
Today, May 24th, 2010, is Victoria Day here in Canada and the city of Toronto hosted a fireworks display in Ashbridge's Bay @ the Beaches as advertised in earlier posts. Well, the journey there was not easy at all.

My day started out eating sushi with friends for lunch on this very hot sunny day. Going out to a local mall to pass the time before proceeding to the fireworks location. I knew where the place is but what I didn't know was how far it was from the Downtown Core of Toronto.

The Park for the fireworks was located at Lakeshore Blvd and Coxwell St. which is on the eastern side of Toronto. We decided to walk the distance instead of taking the transit. Which is fun and tiring considering the scorching heat at the time. We them get to a junction with Lakeshore on the left and Cherry St. on the right. For some odd reason, my friends and I continued walking south on Cherry St. We kept walking for a few more kilometres before we realized that we went the wrong way! Then we had to walk all the way back but we we're lucky to get a bus ride back instead of walking the whole way. But because of that silly mistake, some of my friends got very exhausted and had to go straight home and miss the fireworks. By the time we got back to the junction our group of 9 dropped to 4!

The rest of us continue walking, the right way this time, along Lakeshore. We got to walk on abandoned rail tracks and bridges which was fun! But we had to walk about 4 more kilometres east. By then we decided to go on break. We passed the time in a place with square stones arranged in a circle, like in a camp. We then decided to fool around with the pillars of the unfinished bridge along Lakeshore. My friend, Denesh, decides to climb one pillar but as soon as he gets the boost from my other friend, Dan, we hear a loud siren and they dropped back down and acted like nothing happened. Their faces was priceless and wish had taken a picture of it. We continue on to the park after some refreshments at a local restaurant where we waited for the fireworks to begin.

The fireworks only lasted 13 minutes, but that was the best 13 minutes I've had all day! The fireworks display was just very well organized and the explosions on the sky are like sweet candies against the perfectly dark clear skies. So in a way, the "quest" throughout the day was worth it! Sure we probably killed our legs and ankles walking to the park but in the end, it was worth it, worth every step of the way. However, contrary to the epic fireworks, my attempt to photographically document the event was sort of a failure. Our of about 70 pictures I took, NONE of them are any good! Not even good enough to be put up in this website or any where online at all! It's a shame but I know that fireworks have always been my greatest problem in photography. No worries though, since in about a month, there's Canada Day (July 1st)! I'll try my luck again and this time, we're taking the car!
I can't believe I forgot all about this, but it's true! May is Photography Month in the U.S. and here in Canada as well! Many photography events are taking place here in Toronto, Canada. TVO is also showing 12 different documentaries regarding photography!

So this May, or what's left of it, look for interesting angles, perspectives, compositions, and most of all, capture lots of amazing photos. Let's celebrate the Photography Month! Check out my Galleries to see all my photos. Some of them are taken this month in response for the Photography Month.

Angelo Maralit