Hello Everyone!

Just letting everyone know that new photographs have been added to the following galleries (remember the latest photos in each galleries appear on top of the heap):
These pictures are the most recent I have in my collection and as usual, more photos are on their way! I hope you like these new photos in my website and hopefully you like the rest of the photos in my website too! =D As always, you can send me any of your comments, suggestions, or questions regarding the website, photos, or tips =D.

Angelo Maralit
Hi All,

Just letting you all know that Gello Photography website has undergone a serious overhaul and now has a new layout. The new layout is much wider than before to make viewing those great photos an even greater pleasure =). Check out the entire site, look at the photos, and tell me your favourite photo(s) and comment about me or my website. Thank you for visiting!

Angelo L. Maralit