Hi All,

Today, I added a new "equipment" to my photography arsenal. You might wonder why the word equipment is inside quotations. That's because this equipment is a very useful device enabling yours truly to create product photography worthy enough to be advertised! And the best thing is it only cost me $0! That's right, it's free! Well, I had to build it myself but the parts are pretty much found in everyone's household.

So what is this equipment? I call it my very own "Studio in a Box" This nifty little thing is based on the Strobist blog's article called DIY: $10 Macro Studio. It works wonders and the photos are just amazing! To see the photos I created with this Studio in a Box, just click here. And to see what this "Studio in a Box" actually looks like, you can see a glimpse of it in "My Equipment" page. Enjoy the new content!

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