Hi All,

Once again, I would like to apologize for yet another month-long silence in my photography website. In the past month, I've been very busy preparing for my summer course exam (Linear Algebra) in University and have been very busy working at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) which ran through September 6th. Now that all that is over, I'll update the website again by adding just a few more images before I get busy again for the Fall Session in University of Toronto. So yeah, that's basically why the site has been dormant in the past month. I will post a handful of fresh and, I believe, great looking photos as early as later tonight. So watch out for them =). For now though, please browse through my current collection of photos by going to the Galleries section or you can see what I posted last time by simply going to the What's New section. Hope you enjoy and keep liking my photos. Until the next update keep clicking that shutter! =D

Angelo Maralit

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